About Rob…

ROB 100X100Robert Prince is the creator, host and an executive producer of the live event, radio show, and podcast Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska.  He teaches documentary filmmaking in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Journalism Department.  The idea for Dark Winter Nights came from his frustration with how Alaska is depicted in reality TV programs and his feeling that Alaskans should be sharing their own stories with the world instead of other people doing it for them.  He started Dark Winter Nights in the spring of 2014.

Odd Facts about Rob:

  • In 2017 I drove my 1982 DeLorean from Michigan to Fairbanks.
  • The first time I met my neighbor became a national news story, for not great reasons.
  • I flew in an airshow when I was 17.
  • I’ve made Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Brooke Shields laugh, though I think they were just being polite.
  • I’ve been skydiving five times.  I quit when they told me I’d have to start packing my own parachute.
  • I accidentally became a motivational speaker after making a dumb joke.
  • I once drove a police car, but I’m not allowed to say where or with who.
  • I had my first solo flight in an airplane at age 16 after less than eight hours of flight lessons.  It didn’t go great, but I survived.
  • I’ve been tased and can attest that it’s not all that bad.

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